Resource Plan Ltd is a leading consultancy firm in Work Study, Human Resource Management, Land and Water Management Services and Productivity Improvement. The Company has two Divisions: The Work Study & Management Division which specializes in Work Study, Industrial Engineering, Human Resource Management Services, Strategic Planning and Management and Technical Training. The Land & Water Management Division specializes in Land and Water Management and Environment Services. Through our expert services delivered by a team of highly qualified, experienced consultants Resource Plan Ltd will continue to assist you to improve efficiency and productivity.


Land and Water Management Divison

Resource Plan-Scope of Services (Land and Water Division)

The scope of consultancy services provided from Land & Water Management Division of Resource Plan are as listed below:-
• Water resources management – Planning, implementation and evaluation of projects, technologies, policies and institutional issues, agricultural   water, WASH, Water Funds, water towers, technologies and practices
•    Natural Resources Management – Land degradation assessment (LADA), sustainable land management (SLM), GIS and remote sensing, rainwater harvesting, soil and water conservation, land use planning; developing catchment management strategies
•    Policies and Strategies – Formulation, review and assessment of policies, strategies, legal and institutional frameworks on water and natural resources management.
•    Project formulation, implementation and evaluation, development and assessment of national, regional and international projects development
•    Climate Change – implementing climate change studies,  modelling, climate change, resilience, adaptation and mitigation measures; policies and strategies on climate change
•    Irrigation and Drainage – Feasibility studies, design of irrigation systems, development, implementation and evaluation, improving water efficiencies
•    Implementing projects on water and land management, irrigation, sustainable agriculture including System of Rice Intensification (SRI), climate change adaptation, developing value chains linking farmers to markets and development projects.
•    Environment – Environmental impact assessment (EIA), Environmental Audit, waste-water management, pollution control and environmental health.
•    Strategic planning- Developing Strategic Plans for Government and other organizations
•    Action Research – Undertaking scoping studies and applied participatory research on specific issues
•    Capacity building of various cadres of stakeholders. Developing training materials, establishing partnerships and workshop facilitation.
•    Human Resource Management – Review & design, organization restructuring, staffing and improving work-place efficiencies
•    Productivity Improvement- Work Study & Management Consultancy
•    Film Production – researching, filming and production of documentary films.